This lovely song carries the name "Aberhonddu", the Welsh name for the town of Brecon.
I have written a descant line plus two other parts, one is very easy, for beginners. The other is a little more challenging.

Brecon lies in the heart of Wales. It is a small market town, surrounded by the beautiful Brecon Beacon Mountains.

This piece of music comes from a wonderful C.D. "Hyn",by the Welsh folk group, Carreg Lafar.

I've tried my very best to get the same feeling in the midi file as the group managed to get into their version of the song. Sadly, I fear that I've failed. If you get to love the tune as much as I have, you will want to buy a copy of the C.D. for yourself. The details are:-

Hyn     Carreg Lafar.   Sain Records SCD 2205.

Now......On to the music.

Second Descant (easy)
Third descant (hard)

Backgrounds by Marie