Brafferton Village
Kathryn Tickell

Why is it that when most people think of the bagpipes, they think of Scotland?
Many countries have their own form of bagpipe.....even Wales.
Kathryn plays the Northumbrian Bagpipe.
It is a lovely instrument; much smaller and quieter than the Scottish pipes.
This instrument almost died out in the ninteen-sixties.
There were only about twenty Northumbrian pipers left.
Thankfully, as a result of the efforts these pipers, many more people
became interested in the pipes.
Kathryn started to learn the pipes when she was a child.
She has now released a number of CD recordings of her playing.
This is one of her own tunes, Brafferton Village.
To play it well on the recorder, you need to know high e, f sharp and g.

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