The Dark Eyed Sailor.

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As I roved out one evening fair
It being the summertime to take the air

I spied a sailor and a lady gay

And I stood to listen

And I stood to listen to hear what they would say.

He said ``Fair lady, why do you roam
For the day is spent and the night is on''

She heaved a sigh while the tears did roll

``For my dark-eyed sailor

For my dark-eyed sailor, so young and stout and bold.''

``'Tis seven long years since he left this land
A ring he took from off his lily-white hand

One half of the ring is still here with me

But the other's rolling

But the other's rolling at the bottom of the sea.''

He said, ``You may drive him out of your mind
Some other young man you will surely find

Love turns aside and soon cold has grown

Like a winter's morning

Like a winter's morning, the hills are white with snow.''

She said, ``I'll never forsake my dear
Although we're parted this many a year

Genteel he was and a rake like you

To induce a maiden

To induce a maiden too slight to jag it through.''

One half of the ring did young William show
She ran distracted in grief and woe

Sayin' ``William, Will, I have gold in store

For my dark-eyed sailor

For my dark-eyed sailor has proved his own control''

And there is a cottage by yonder lea
This couple's married and does agree

So maids, be loyal when your love's at sea

For a cloudy morning

For a cloudy morning brings in a sunny day.



Backgrounds By Marie