Ar Gyfer Heddiw Bore.

Ar Gyfer Heddiw Bore is a traditional Welsh Plygain carol.
The Plygain service was held in chapels throughout Wales during the 19th century. The tradition survived in some areas until quite recently. The service took place early on Christmas morning, before the dawn. The purpose of the service was to welcome the Christmas dawn. Imagine being at such a service; taken from your warm bed and walking to chapel through a freezing early morn. When you arrived at chapel it would be warm and friendly. All of your friends and family would be there. The whole chapel would be lit only by candle light. I've tried to make it as easy as possible for us to learn to play, say and sing this lovely old carol.

Thanks to Michael Powell for the donation of his lovely artwork for this site. Prints and Christmas Cards featuring traditional Welsh Christmas scenes are here for information.

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