Phil's Websites.

Philip Edwards teaches at Cwmaber Junior School, Caerphilly, South Wales.

Here are a collection of web-based teaching resources. Most were written during a short secondment to NGfL-Cymru.

Feel free to use them.

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1) Groeswen Music

2) Rhyd-y-Car Cottages

3) The Bride of Frankenstein

4) Dafydd drops a goal.

5) The Nit Song.

6) Bill's War.

7) Arthur Bickerton's Ironmonger shop.

8) Build your own siege engine.

9) Crawshay Bailey had an engine.

10) High frequency spellings.

11) Uncle Arthur's Barbecue.

12) Breakfast Time.

13) The Healthy Balance.

14) The Fridge Game.

15) Estimate.

16) The art of Sir Kyffin Williams

17) Sospan Fach.

18) The science of Lichens.

19) The Taff Valley.

20) Vltava:-Bedrich Smetana

21) Sustainable development at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

22) Stepping Back to Health.

23) Junior Music with the Morriston Orpheus Choir.