"Have you put all the clothes and jewels in the chest, Nest? and remember to dress Marged fach in a warm shawl. The weather is extremely cold today. And have you...."

"Yes mistress, yes!" Poor Nest. Her mistress, Lady Gwenllian, daughter of Madog, is full of fuss today. She's got to make sure that everything is ready for the long journey from Diwnefr castle to Cardigan castle. And they have to carry so many things with them - beds, furniture, dishes and even spices - for the great Christmas feast. It isn't suprising that she's stressed - and that she's making everybody else stressed too!

Nest reaches for the shawl and wraps it around the little princess. Suddenly the door of the bedchamber opens. It is the Lord Rhys himself. 'Right, everyone ready for the great adventure?" he asks, smiling. "Hurry - we're about to start our journey."