By mid afternoon on Thursday, Nest had finished her usual tasks. She decided to take Margred for a walk along the battlements to see the castle from the air. Here, in a dark corner, she sees Meurig practising the harp. Nest stops to listen - what a lovely sound. Meurig must be a very good musician.

And then the sound of loud laughing and shouting comes from the bailey below to drown the music. Meurig leaps up.

"They've arrived!" he says, full of excitement. "Look Nest, here are some of the best musicians and poets from England, Scotland, Ireland and the other islands. They've travelled over land and sea to get here. The Lord Rhys has invited them to Cardigan to celebrate the festival."

"I'd better return to my lady at once then," says Nest. "We, the women of the court have to entertain the guests tonight. Apparently that's the custom."

Nest enjoys welcoming the guests and practising her English and French on them.

"Thank goodness Hywel Sais taught me to speak a little English and French at the court at Dinefwr," she thinks.

After washing their feet and giving them a tasty supper of bacon cawl, the travellers relax by spending the evening chatting and sipping the best French wines and listening to music.