The large troupe of travellers rides on and on - throughout Monday and well into Tuesday. They cross the Tywi valley, travelling through Pencader, until they reach the beautiful valley of the rifer Teifi. As they pass, the local people run out of their homes to stare in wonder at the splendid procession. The Lord Rhys raises his hand to greet them, and they bow and curtsey to their prince.

Although the road is unfamiliar, Nest isn't afraid. There are plenty of the Lord's soldiers to protect her and all the family. She cuddles Marged fach around her waist.

Nest sees several wonderful sites along the journey.

"Look at those coracles," comments Lady Gwenllian as they ride along the banks of the Teifi. "What a pity it isn't the fishing season, so we could have some big, tasty salmon for our feast."

Before long, as dusk set in, the travellers reached the end of their journey - Cardigan. The harbour and town are buzzing with activity. And to crown it all, there's the castle itself, rising full of dignity and shining bright white. "Oh, my Lord,!" says Gwenllian, turning to her husband. "The castle looks magnificent."

"Yes it does, " answers Rhys very proudly. "I'm so glad that the workers finished it in time for the great Christmas feast. Welcome to Cardigan castle everyone! But first, let's cross the river."