The noise in the hall was deafening as the musicians tuned their instruments ready for the competition.

"Come on musicians," calls the proclaimer in his loud voice. "The first musician comes from Ireland. " Quiet everybody please. Close the doors. This is Diarmait playing the bagpipes."

What a feast of music.

"What a pity Meurig isn't here to share this treat," thinks Nest, as one musician after another climbs onto the stage to entertain the audience. How can they choose a winner? Everyone is so good. The pipes make Nest want to dance. But no-one is as good as Meurig.

"And the last to compete - a familiar face to the people of Cardigan," says the proclaimer. "Meurig ap Eilon on the harp."

So, Meurig is competing after all. Nest is so happy, and Meurig plays the harp beautifully. The sad, nostalgic melody brings tears to the audience's eyes. They are completely captivated. After Meurig has finished playing, the great hall is as quiet as the grave. And then, slowly but surely, they begin to clap and shout, calling on Meurig to play another song, and another.

There's no doubt. Meurig is the winner - he is the best musician of all. Meurig ap Eilon wins the chair and the purse of gold and silver. As he collects his prize, he winks at his new friend, Nest and she smiles back from ear to ear.

The celebrations go on until the early hours of the morning, with the musicians all joining in to lead the singing and dancing full of the fun of the festival.